Good solutions fall along a continuum.

There's rarely a single right answer, but there is a best answer for you

Susan Blackman believes in pragmatic problem solving. By starting where you are now, she can move you toward your goals by building a plan with a realistic timeline and measurable outcomes.

Blackman also believes in working together honestly. With probing questions but no judgment. Sometimes this means examining long-held ways of operating. It never hurts just to think about a different approach.

A cautionary tale—
You love your old, familiar café. You're used to the increasingly uneven and crumbly sidewalk in front of it and don't even mind tripping 3 times a week for their tea and pastries. But it might just be time to look for a new coffee shop whose door welcomes you across smooth pavement. And you'll never know how yummy their quiche is until you walk in.

We can help you get there.  Let's think together.

Susan Blackman holds an MBA from the Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh and a BA in Economics from McDaniel College. She is an accomplished nonprofit management professional informed by 30 years of experience on both sides of the funding table—as both a grant seeker and a grant maker. In addition to her nonprofit consulting practice, she has served in staff leadership positions and on boards of directors. A respected writer and editor with a well-tuned ear for tone and nuance, Blackman is a committed change agent and a curious, creative, and flexible problem solver.